We will source Equipment and Parts for you from our large network of Industrial Suppliers, Manufacturers and Plants located around the Great Lakes Region. The Top Products we are sourcing are as follows. 

  1. New Parker Hydraulic Pumps and Motors 
  2. New Micromotion Meters, Transmitters, & Core Processors
  3. New and Used Vickers Hydraulic pumps and valves  
  4. New Basic PSA Pacific Scientific Snubbers and Shock Arrestors
  5. New Charlynn, Danfoss, Linde, and Cessna hydraulic motors. 
  6. New Rosemount 3051 Transmitters   
  7. New and Used Rexroth Pumps
  8. Leepack Rotary Fill Seal Machine 
  9. New and used Allen Bradley and Siemens controls.
  10. New Bussman and Mersen Shawmut fuses 
  11. New Jamesbury Stainless Steel Ball Valves
  12. New and Used SPX Waukesha W62 Valves


     Please contact us directly for any offers and inquiries - 

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    Shipping Address 
    33 Stonebridge 
    Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V5
    Phone: 1-289-820-7831
    Email: Carrie@nisurplus.com
    Email: jeff@nisurplus.com


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