Lot of Aeroquip Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Sale price$800.00


 Lot of Aeroquip Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Qty Manufacturer Part Number Description
48 Aeroquip  FC273-16 Hose
19 Aeroquip  GH493-16 Hose
100 Aeroquip  GH493-8 Hose
200 Aeroquip  GH493-6 Hose
150 Aeroquip  FC613-12 Hose
220 Aeroquip  FC613-8 Hose
5 Aeroquip  1BA16FJA16 Fitting
8 Aeroquip  1BA12FORSB12 Fitting
11 Aeroquip  1BA12FORS12 Fitting
40 Aeroquip  1BA8FORS8 Fitting
23 Aeroquip  1BA8FORSB8 Fitting
2 Aeroquip  1BA24FJ24 Fitting
7 Aeroquip  1BA10FORS10 Fitting
3 Aeroquip  1BA20FJB20 Fitting
50 Aeroquip  1BA16FJB16 Fitting
12 Aeroquip  1BA16FORSB16 Fitting
12 Aeroquip  1BA16FJ12 Fitting
9 Aeroquip  1BA10FORSB10 Fitting
4 Aeroquip  1AA16FORSB16 Fitting
15 Aeroquip  1AA6FORS6 Fitting
2 Aeroquip  1BA12FORSB12 Fitting
4 Aeroquip  1BA8FJB8 Fitting
25 Parker p43-12-r1-r2-r3-r4-R9 DF7 Fitting
38 Parker P43-8-R1-R2-R3-R9 PC7L Fitting


Quantities may not be exact. 

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Appears Unused, Sold As Is

Shipping Weight: 700 Lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 45" & 45" & 40" Skid

Warehouse Location 540744 + 540743


 Prices are in Canadian Dollars

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  • Canadian customers will be charged GST or HST on material and shipping
  • US and international customers may be charged incoming taxes, duties, brokerage charges by their countries customs department or shipping company

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