Oriental Motor 5IK100VESMT2-GHR240

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Oriental Motor 5IK100VESMT2-GHR240

Oriental Motor ®

Motor Type

Electromagnetic Brake - Induction

Frame Size

3.54 in

Output Power

100 W (1/8 HP)

Voltage (VAC)

Three-Phase 220/230 VAC

Frequency (Hz)



0.55 A [220 VAC, 50 Hz]
0.57 A [230 VAC, 50 Hz]
0.52 A [60 Hz]


Terminal Box

Electromagnetic Brake


Shaft/Gear Type

Right-Angle Hollow Shaft Gearhead

Gear Ratio (X:1)

240 :1

Output Shaft Diameter

25 mm

Rated Torque

610 lb-in  

Starting Torque


Rated Speed (rpm)

6.2 [50 Hz]7.5 [60 Hz]

Permissible Load Inertia

137000 oz-in²

Permissible Overhung Load

0.39 in. from Shaft End = 490 lb0.79 in. from Shaft End = 450 lb

Permissible Thrust Load

78 lb

RoHS Compliant

These products do not contain substances that exceed the regulation values in the RoHS Directive.

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